Where did the Boston indie rock group Lowman come from, and how did they come up with their combination of thoughtful, often witty lyrics and take-no-prisoners musical style? It all started over drinks late at night. Bassist/singer/bandleader Greg Loughman (Rex Complex, Klezwoods, Yoko Miwa Trio), drummer Mike Connors (Combustible Edison, Lisa Loeb), keyboardist John Funkhouser (Soul Rebel Project, 3vibe), and guitarist Phil Sargent (Sonic Explorers, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol), would get together after their respective gigs and wax poetic about the music that they wanted to make; music that combined their diverse musical influences, experiences, and interests.

“I just got obsessed with combining my love of the aggressive pop sensibility of Elvis Costello, Morphine, and Arcade Fire with the wild improvisational energy of Jimi Hendrix, Charles Mingus, and Sun Ra” says Loughman. Funkhouser agreed; “He kept saying there had to be a way to do it all in one band, until eventually we agreed to help him find it, if only to shut him up!” “I’ve been playing rock since I was 15 years old sneaking into clubs; and even the most avant-garde instrumental music I’ve played has been infused with a rock sensibility, so it made sense to me” states Sargent. Connors concludes “We’ve all played enough improvisational music to know how to take the ball and run with it, and we do run, but ultimately it comes down to the songs; that’s what sticks with people after all the sonic fireworks are over.”

Out of those discussions, Lowman was born. Loughman wrote a handful of songs, and as soon as he brought them to the group, he knew he had something special. And apparently the critics agreed; within a month of their first show, Lowman won a Deli New England Magazine poll for new artist of the month. They quickly recorded a 5 song EP, which was CD of the month from Deli New England Magazine January 2011. Since then, they’ve been building a reputation as one of the most powerful live acts in the Boston area, performing at the Jamaica Plain Music Festival, the Granite State Music Festival, and being featured in the Boston Globe, Boston Band Crush, Allston Music, and on WAAF, WMBR, WESU, UNRegular Radio, among others.

Now they’ve got their first full length album, Garden of Rainbows, on the Electric Lighthouse Recordings label. “We spent a lot of time because we wanted to make sure each track was fully realized. We enlisted all our friends to add instruments to the project, from tympani to trumpet, oud to glockenspeil, we made sure  each track has a unique musical space. We’re really excited by how it all turned out, and can’t wait to share it with you.” says Loughman. The release date for the CD is March 28th, and Lowman is celebrating with a show at the Davis Square Theater in Somerville, MA, 8pm, $12, 21+

all photos by:

Caroline Alden


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